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Cinematic Real Estate Videos from SCOTTMOVIES

There are bargain services out there that take a cookie cutter approach.  My interest and focus is on more nuanced, cinematic work that communicates the unique story of the property.

What's Included





General components of my standard 3 to 3.5 minute video:


The Prep | On site meeting and location scout | Property research, as required | Creation, review & approval of shot list | Licensed satellite fly down (if utilized) | Licensed music selection


The Shoot | Travel time | HD Cinematography – 4-6 hours | Sunrise, sunset or twilight.


The Edit | Offloading, logging & backing up of raw footage | Professional Editing | Custom Graphics | Conversion & Upload

We agree on a narrative, length and general shot list, allowing for changes during the shoot based upon lighting, angles and other practical realities. We select to most appropriate day for the shoot, based upon schedules, weather and availability.


The draft is ready in 3-5 days.  The final version 2-3 days after.  You will be provided with a branded and/or unbranded video, professionally edited with transitional effects and graphics, as needed, links and embedding code for Vimeo and YouTube (hosted indefinitely), which will allow you to download the file as well.


The video will be compatible with computers, tablets and smartphones.

I employ a vast array of professional equipment, including Sony HDSLR cameras with 7 lens options, a 9” HD Color field monitor, multiple fluid head tripods, a tripod mount slider, a tabletop slider, a tripod mount 3-6 foot interior jib (crane), a 4-12 foot exterior jib (crane), a steady cam, basic field lighting and more.


All professional editing is done using Final Cut Pro and the full suite of Adobe Creative Cloud applications, including Photoshop, After Effects, Motion, Lightroom, Media Encoder and more.



My standard package starts at $1000.  All quotes are custom and include a location scout with a detailed shot list.


There are those properties that require a longer video or special features like a neighborhood tour, timelapse, narrative story elements or aerial shots, such my case study property, that can't be captured in 3 minutes.  The quote for that project was around $3000.


My job is to make a beautiful, enticing film about your listing that gives you an invaluable marketing tool.  And to make you and your client happy.